“If only the rest of the blogosphere was this thoughtful, incisive, articulate and interesting! Then all of America would be paying attention.”

Mark McKinnon, chief media adviser to President George W. Bush during the 2000 and 2004 elections; current adviser to John McCain

“Reality Check is solid, well-presented information that I suspect will soon be a daily resource for political journalists and campaign junkies alike.”

Christine Heenan, White House Senior Domestic Policy Analyst (under President Clinton) and Brown University faculty member

“By rigorously tracking all of the commitments made by candidates, as they wander to and fro across the policy landscape, Reality Check is going to uplift the quality of the 2008 presidential campaign. Every act of attention like this is a vote for democracy. By eliminating the wiggle room, Reality Check is seriously inconveniencing the candidates and seriously improving the debate.”

Ted Widmer, special assistant to the president for national security affairs (under Clinton)



We hope that you will consult Reality Check, a valuable resource when researching candidates. Because we continually strive to make our site as accurate and comprehensive as possible, we welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. Also, if you’d like to get periodic e-mail updates from Reality Check, please send us an e-mail. In general, though, we’d be incredibly appreciative if you sent a brief e-mail to realitycheck2008@gmail.com letting us know you consulted us. Thanks.

We also encourage you to check out our press release.



Reality Check’s Newsroom is a place where we can let our loyal readers know whenever Reality Check is mentioned or quoted, and who’s talking about it.


  • 6/14/07- Political Forecast– They’ve [the Reality Check guys] got a sleek set up and seem to be really engaged and informed. If you’re an Iowa voter who doesn’t trust every word coming from the mouth of a politician, or just want to see if they’re being honest, check out Reality Check.
  • 6/3/07- Cobb Blog writes a post, “Ever wish you had an ability to check every lie a politician makes? These blokes do it for you. Nicely styled, compact and to the point.”
  • picture-1.png 5/7/2007 – The Political Scene of the Providence Journal (Providence, RI–the state’s largest paper) wrote about Reality Check, saying that “the site is nonpartisan and designed to link visitors to mainstream news stories where candidate positions are recounted. The site also hopes to draw postings from people who attend events in such early primary and caucus states as Iowa and New Hampshire.” The Providence Journal also poses the following question: “Is ‘foolish consistency,’ in the immortal words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, really “the Hobgoblin of little minds”? Or does a presidential candidate who tells farmers in Iowa how great farm price supports are but says in New York that they are waste of taxpayers’ money deserve to be exposed for contradictory statements?” Well, we at Reality Check hope to parse out the true flip-flops and the politically motivated inconsistencies. For if it’s one thing we don’t want, it’s a hobgoblin in the White House.
  • 4/29/2007 – Crooksandliars mentions Reality Check in Mike’s Blog Round-Up.
  • Donklephant 4/24/2007 – wrote a post entitled “Great New Blog: Reality Check.” Mr. Gardner wrote, “so I took a look and the site looks great, it’s updated almost daily and I’ve added them to both my blogroll and my newsreader. I’d highly recommend you do the same.” Thanks so much to Mr. Gardner! Great praise is always appreciated.
  • Stubborn Facts 4/23/2007 – Posted a “New Blog Notice” with a nice long piece about Reality Check. Stubborn Facts concluded: “It’s not easy starting a blog…Kudos to Reality Check for giving it a go with a great concept.” Thanks so much Stubborn Facts. It is hard starting and keeping a thorough and successful blog, but we’re dedicated to the cause and we’re gonna keep holding the candidates accountable.
  • Da Weatha Man 4/22/2007- Charles Roop wrote a post about Reality Check. He posted, “I checked it out and it seems like a cool blog. Politicians can flip and flop at times and this is the blog that monitors those.” Thanks Charles. We’ll keep reporting on candidates’ inconsistencies and try to keep cool while doing so.
  • 4/16/2007 – Reality Check launches




Check out our second commercial for an updated version of this video.


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