Get Involved–Become a Reality Checker!

Our ability to comprehensively cover candidates’ consistency relies on your help. Whether it’s from a statement made at a town hall meeting in Iowa or an article in the New York Times, if you’d like to report a flip flop, please send an e-mail to We’ll investigate the claim and likely post it on our site. Thanks for the help.


3 Responses to “Get Involved”

  1. Carter McCrory Says:

    Tell me you guys have found some flip-flops after yesterdays discussion of faith for the Democrats?

  2. James T Says:

    Can post an award or make public a 2008 Candidate who is “flip-flop” free?

  3. Jami Francis Says:

    I have spent close to 300 hrs (yes I have a life) in the 12 months reading and researching not just our politicians and political pundits & analysts, but major events in US history (from the Constitution to Hamdan vs Rumsfeld [2006].)

    I’m very glad to have found this site! To say Bush scares me would be an understatement. Unfortunately most of the ‘presidential’ candidates here, do as well. After searching this exceptional site (congratulations!) for any mention of Ron Paul, I’m glad to see there’s but a single article in which he’s mentioned, and that’s in response to Giuliani’s ignorance of US’ involvement in the Middle East pre 9/11. I’ll certainly consider being a contributor. Thanks again, Jami Francis.

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