“If only the rest of the blogosphere was this thoughtful, incisive, articulate and interesting! Then all of America would be paying attention.”

-Mark McKinnon, chief media adviser to President George W. Bush during the 2000 and 2004 elections; current adviser to John McCain.

“By rigorously tracking all of the commitments made by candidates, as they wander to and fro across the policy landscape, Reality Check is going to uplift the quality of the 2008 presidential campaign. Every act of attention like this is a vote for democracy. By eliminating the wiggle room, Reality Check is seriously inconveniencing the candidates and seriously improving the debate.”

-Ted Widmer, foreign policy speechwriter and senior adviser to President Clinton from 1997-2001. Director of speechwriting at the National Security Council from 1997 to 2000.

“Reality Check is solid, well-presented information that I suspect will soon be a daily resource for political journalists and campaign junkies alike.”

-Christine Heenan, White House Senior Domestic Policy Analyst (under President Clinton) and Brown University faculty member.



With public cynicism about the political process at highs unseen since Watergate and heightened anxieties about terrorism, climate change, and a rapidly transforming society, the American people are hungry for candidates and officials to be honest and consistent – to tell us frankly and directly what they believe and what they propose, not hedged positions morphed and reframed by polls and consultants.

The leading presidential contenders – Republicans John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani and Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards – are each striving to paint themselves as strong-willed and decisive straight-talkers whose convictions run deeper than the latest opinion poll. Yet they are all politicians, each retooling their platform to maximize their number of likely supporters.

While we at Reality Check ’08 have nothing against evolving views – we’re all living with the consequences of “stay the course,” after all – we also believe that the American people have the right to know where the candidates stand now and have stood in the past on the issues that face our nation. By comparing present and past statements each candidate has made, voters can decide for themselves which positions have remained consistent, which have evolved based on research and consideration, which have changed for political reasons – and how much any of that matters.


Reality Check ’08 is a new non-partisan blog that will track presidential candidates’ statements and compare them to what they’ve said in the past. We aim to empower voters of all political persuasions by providing an easy and convenient tool by which to hold candidates accountable for the promises they make – and those they break. An informed public means more engaged candidates, a more honest and substantive election and, ultimately, a better and stronger America.


Reality Check ’08 was created by a group of four Ivy League-educated non-partisan political junkies with roots in Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, and Missouri. Collectively, their work experience include ice cream shop management, various non-profits, the British Parliament, broadcast and cable news, and various state and national campaigns. Reality Check is their first excursion into the blogosphere.


Please email us with any questions, comments, or suggestions at realitycheck2008@gmail.com



Check our second commercial for an updated version of this video.


3 Responses to “About Realitycheck ’08”

  1. Chris Says:

    anything on ron paul?!

  2. Kris Says:

    Agree, you guys should do stuff on Ron Paul.

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