John McCain has been upping the anti on his Mitt Romney attacks, accusing the former Massachusetts governor of pandering to voters on his immigration stances. According to the New York Times, “And [McCain’s] his campaign has taken to pointing out what it calls Mr. Romney’s shifting stances on immigration, and his lack of specificity on any workable alternative….

Mr. McCain plans to say [in a speech]. “’And I would hope they [any presidential candidate] wouldn’t play politics for their own interests if the cost of their ambition was to make this problem even harder to solve. To want the office so badly that you would intentionally make our country’s problems worse might prove you can read a poll or take a cheap shot, but it hardly demonstrates presidential leadership.’

‘Pandering for votes on this issue, while offering no solution to the problem, amounts to doing nothing,’ Mr. McCain plans to say. ‘And doing nothing is silent amnesty.'”