We at Reality Check wrote a piece a few days ago about Barack Obama’s ethics troubles with developer Tony Rezko. Newsweek is reporting on another possible ethics problem. They uncovered a “secret” Obama campaign fax sent by Molly Buford, an employee of both Obama’s Senate office and his campaign, from an official Senate fax machine.

The fax from Buford was a political call list sent to Obama’s personal aide in South Carolina. In addition, the fax had the official seal of the U.S. Senate on it.

The article insinuates that this act is in contrast to the ethics-laden rhetoric of Obama and his “new politics” campaign. Is it? Reality Check’s mission is to parse out true inconsistencies and flip flops from mere mistakes. Newsweeks scoop is nothing more than a weak stab at playing “gotcha” with Obama, trying to catch him as a typical forked tongue politician.

Eh, I don’t think an innocent mistake by a campaign staffer using a fax machine constitutes any kind of ethics inconsistency. Let’s all take a deep breath. Yes, we need to pay close attention to make sure candidates are consistent and honest. But grabbing at straws like this is low and unhelpful for anyone.