In a more lighthearted evolution than usually covered by Reality Check, Senator Hillary Clinton’s music tastes have changed from last month when hip-hop mogul Timbaland was on hand for a Clinton fundraiser. He raised $800,000 and also serious eyebrows. Instead, composer Marvin Hamlisch will headline a May 16 fundraiser. According to The Hill,

“Hamlisch is a legend, no doubt, having won an Emmy, an Oscar and a Tony. But his selection represents a serious flip-flop from Clinton’s musical leanings of last month, when hip-hop mogul Timbaland helped raise about $800,000 for the senator’s presidential campaign on the last day of the first fundraising period, according to the New York Daily News.

Timbaland is popular. His latest single,  entitled ‘Give it to Me’ hit No. 1 on Billboard’s chart last month. The political problem that Timbaland brought to the table was that his lyrics are filled with words such as ‘ho,’ ‘bitch,’ and the n-word.
Of course, the Timbaland controversy hit at a bad time for Clinton. Soon after the musical superstar raked in the cash for the senator, Don Imus made his infamous remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team”