Yesterday, we spoke about the changing personas of Hillary Clinton. Recently, she’s also received criticism for invoking a “twang” before African-American constituents. But this is nothing new.

According to a New York Times article from May 18, 1992,

“Just as President Bush uses his Texas twang on occasion for politicking, dropping g’s and substituting “git” for “get,” so Mrs. Clinton sometimes falls into some of the folksier twang of Arkansas.”

If you haven’t yet seen or heard about her more recent remark, USA Today On Politics has one of several stories on it as well as a link to the You Tube video, “Kentucky Fried Hillary, Part 2.”

“Any time some southern twang slips into Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s voice, folks — especially her critics — seem to notice.

The fourth-most viewed video on YouTube today, at 201,000 viewings and counting since it was posted Sunday: ‘‘ It’s a bit of a mash-up of photos and audio from Clinton’s address Friday to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, when she said ‘when I walk into the Oval Office in 2009 ‘m afraid I’m going to lift up the rug and I’m going to see so much stuff under there.’ Her voice had just the hint of a drawal.

Clinton earlier got attention with her words and cadence at the ‘Bloody Sunday’ memorials in Selma, Ala.”