Mitt Romney at CPAC

In part one of our examination of Mitt Romney’s evolution or confusion on the issue of abortion we started in 2002 when Mitt Romney was very publicly pro-choice, as he said in the gubernatorial debates that year and ended right after his supposed conversion in 2005. Part two will take a look at some of the post election announcement quotes Romney has given on abortion.

Beginning at his announcement in Michigan on Feb. 13th, Romney has positioned himself as the candidate on the Republican side with solid conservative credentials, including a solid stance on abortion. In his announcement he proclaimed:

“I believe in the sanctity of human life. I believe that people and their elected representatives should make the laws, not unelected judges.”

Ever since he began his run for president he has been plagued by accusations of waffling or flip-flopping on social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage. He describes this as a conversion (and hasn’t always been forthright about that either) while his opponents describe him as “multiple-choice” rather than pro-life or pro-choice, an old line used by Ted Kennedy when he ran against Romney for the Senate.

Romney has been relatively successful, however, despite press coverage hounding him about his abortion flop, he was able to win the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) straw-poll, this from the same audience that applauded Ann Coulter implying that John Edwards was a “fag” (I swear I haven’t heard that word outside of a middle school playground in years). Romney spoke about life for just a moment, saying:

“I have stood in the center of the battlefield on every major social issue. I fought to preserve our traditional values and to protect the sanctity of life.”

And just recently as the Supreme Court passed down a decision severely limiting a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, Romney, changing his tune a little bit from the comment about “unelected judges,” made this comment:

“Today, our nation’s highest court reaffirmed the value of life in America by upholding a ban on a practice that offends basic human decency; this decision represents a step forward in protecting the weakest and most innocent among us.”

This pretty much brings us up to today with regard to Romney’s position on abortion, which may evolve again as we get closer to the primaries.