Back when he was an Illinois State Senator in 2003, Obama asserted that he would have voted a resounding “No” on President Bush’s proposed $87 billion supplemental appropriations package for Iraq:

“I think it enables the Bush administration to continue on a flawed policy without being accountable to the American people or to the troops who are making sacrifices” (Chicago Sun-Times 13 Nov. 2003);

Three days later at a Democratic event in Winnetka, Illinois, Obama went further:

“I said no unequivocally because, at a certain point, we have to say ‘No’ to George Bush…If we keep on getting steamrolled, we are not going to stand a chance.”

However, since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Obama has voted in favor of supplemental appropriations on several different occasions. Speaking in the Boston Globe on 22 March 2007, Obama sang a different tune:

“I have been very clear even as a candidate that, once we were in, that we were going to have some responsibility to make it work as best we could, and more importantly that our troops had the best resources they needed to get home safely,”

And a week later on April 1, 2007, Obama was quoted by ABC News as saying,

“I don’t think that we will see a majority of the Senate vote to cut off funding at this stage … I think that nobody wants to play chicken with our troops on the ground.”